Our Offered Services to you

At Matiyasi we are able to test and repair hydraulic pumps valves and cylinders. Hydraulic hose and pipe assemblies are manufactured in our workshop facility. We also design, manufacture and assemble, hydraulic powerpacks and pneumatic panels.


• Repair of hydraulic components
• Manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders
• Repair of hydraulic cylinders
• Troubleshooting of hydraulic systems
• Design and manufacture of hydraulic systems
• System audits of hydraulic systems
• Refurbishment of hydraulic powerpacks
• Solutions for hydraulic system problems
• Hydraulic training


• Repair of pneumatic components
• Repair of pneumatic cylinders
• Troubleshooting of pneumatic systems
• Design and manufacture of pneumatic panels
• System audits of pneumatic systems
• Refurbishment of pneumatic panels
• Solutions for pneumatic system problems
• SMC aligned pneumatics training

Manufacturing Facilities

Matiyasi has an engineering machine shop with the following equipment • 4 x lathes
• 2 x milling machines
• 2 x pedestal drills
• 1 x horizontal bandsaw
• 1 x vertical bandsaw
• 1 x surface grinder
Matiyasi has the facilities to manufacture and repair hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic manifolds, and carry out many general mechanical engineering jobs.

Tap Into Expert Hydraulic Services and Repair Solutions

Our hydraulic services are specialised and all-inclusive. One of the many aspects that continues to set us apart from the crowd is that our teams bring decades of combined industry experience to every project we undertake. Our exceptional sales service is underscored by our hydraulic equipment repair and design solutions.

We always go the extra mile to provide our clients with the full benefit of our expertise and insights, giving you the advantage of our decades of industry expertise. To learn more about our hands-on service and hydraulic design solutions, speak to us today. Check out our services page for all the information on how our hydraulic services add value to your business. We look forward to helping you take your business to the next level. REQUEST A QUOTE

Hydraulic Components

• Accumulators • Mobile Valves • Heat Exchangers • Industrial Valves • Hydraulic Motors • Filtration • Fittings • Hoses • Adapters • Steel Tubing • Hydraulic Pumps • Measuring & Test Equipment • Quick Release Couplers • Manifold Blocks (Custom Designed and Manufactured to Customer Specification) • Hydraulic Cylinders • Hydraulic Cylinder Components

Reliable, Reputable and Expert Hydraulic Manufacturers At Your Service

We’ve worked hard to develop a hydraulic service that is quick, reliable, proven and highly effective. Our services are revered throughout the industry for its customisable and tailored scalability, and we continue to add value to our customers and their organisations. Whether you are looking for hydraulic design, equipment repair or pump repair, you have to look no further.

Thanks to our professional and experienced design and drawing team, we’re able to provide our clients with expert designs for hydraulic systems. We only make use of the most advanced and cutting edge CAD 500 Hydraw, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Autocad technologies to deliver production drawings suitable for CNC programming and manufacturing. Tap into our more than three decades of expertise and insights into hydraulics services, and let us help you take your business to the next level with cutting edge solutions.

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We have a track record in building and construction industry.

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We envisage to provide the best quality of service.

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We have a track record in within the transport & mining industr.

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We have a track record in road constructiony.

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